Manufacture and Custom Design

Create your own relaxing space with our Finnish Saunas.

Manufacture and custom design for homes and public spaces.

All our saunas include all installation and all the accessories (Heater, volcanic stones, water bucket and ladle, thermometer-hygrometer, hourglass…). Ready to use!

Our saunas are unique, totally personalized designs and made of high quality materials. We install your sauna in any space.

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Traditional Finnish Saunas

We design and manufacture your custom sauna. In the traditional style, or with a modern design. You choose!

Change Its color!

You can change the color of the wood if you don’t like natural wood color. We have a weight range of colors. Enquire for our colors!

Sauna with Halotherapy

Create your mixed sauna adding blocks of salt (Halotherapy). You can also add steam (Steam Bath) for your finnish sauna.

Decorative Details

Make your sauna unique and personal adding decorative details

Modern and Elegant Designs

We are manufacturers, so we will build your sauna just as you imagine it.

Chromotherapy and Custom Lighting

You can choose the lighting. We can also install Color Therapy (Chromotherapy), or the LED lighting effect starry sky.

Custom Made Windows and Doors

Choose the design of the entrance (glass, wood, or half glass-half wood, as well as the measurements of the windows.

Outdoor Finnish Saunas

You can choose the finish of your outdoor sauna. Wood, PVC, Bricks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Finnish Sauna?
The Finnish sauna (or dry sauna) is a treatment carried out with very hot and dry air, that takes place in a natural wooden chamber which is heated up by a stove. The features of this treatment are high temperature, which is kept at 70 to 100 degrees and a very low level of humidity between 10% and 20%, that favours an abundant perspiration as a body cooling mechanism.
What is the aim of a Finnish Sauna?
The aim of a sauna is to provide heat to the body in order to produce perspiration, with therapeutic and/or hygienic purposes.
How does the Finnish Sauna work?
The heat of a Finnish sauna is obtained from heating non-sandstone blocks – volcanics – with electric resistances, that make stones turn red hot and radiate dry heat. The ideal temperature can also be reached with wood fire, for the most demanding and cautious users.
What are the benefits of a Finnish Sauna?
During the Finnish Sauna treatment, due to the heat, our metabolism and our heart rate increase, as blood vessels dilate. The skin circulation is improved and  peripheral circulatory disorders decrease, especially those in lower extremities.

The high temperature makes the muscles relax and reduce potential contractures, aches and/or pains in the joints. The sauna helps muscles recover after physical exercise.

With the perspiration increase stimulated by the dry sauna, the body eliminates toxins and acids with an immediate purifying effect. It also relieves pain from menstruation by the action of heat.

Finally, its positive properties not only offer benefits for physical health, but also for our mind; the Finnish Sauna reduces stress and tension, which results in a pleasant relaxed state. This causes psychic stimulation.

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