Sauna & Steam Baths

Sauna Heaters

Electric and Wood Heaters for Saunas. Request information about all our range of heaters.

Wood for Saunas

Abachi, Cedar or Pine Spruce. Make your own Finnish sauna with the best wood for saunas.

Steam generators

Different models for each size and type of steam baths.

Stones for Saunas

20 Kg Volcanic Stones boxes, or 10 Kg boxes upper customer request in our Showroom.


Different models according to your needs.


Control the temperature of your sauna and the degree of humidity.


Eucalyptus, Mint, Tangerine, Kiwi, Lemon, Eucamentol, Orchids… Great for Saunas and Steam Baths (Hammams).


We have several models. Ask us about them.

Buckets and Ladles

Different sizes and materials.

Painting for Saunas

Especial painting for saunas, without smell and chemists, and highly temperature resistant.  Choose between paint for exterior saunas or interior saunas.

Himalayan Salt Blocks

Add Himalayan Salt Blocks (Halotherapy) to your sauna or steam bath.


One of the essential accessories for saunas and steam baths.

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