Underfloor Heating

We Install Underfloor Heating in your Home

This type of flooring will provide a practical and comfortable solution for your home, using it as the only source or heating.

This system will supply your house with the heat in a much more efficient way than traditional heating, which using boilers and radiators with an expensive maintenance, occupying too much space and having a terrible visual impact in your house, do not provide the best heating solution to your home.


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Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient and practical heating systems. It is composed of heating meshes, a especial mesh for each type of floor, which deliver heat below it in a uniform way.

It is installed only indoors and its purpose is to generate heat. The electric radiant floor is able for energy sources such as geothermal or aerothermy.


It is a system similar to hot water heating.

Its special feature is its ability to emit heat, or heat and cold. Both are possible. The pipes transport water heating or cooling the ground. The water underfloor heating able for energy sources such as geothermal or aerothermy.


Underfloor heating can be install outdoor with a specific system. With this solution you can warm a exterior space, or remove the snow accumulation from floors, roofs or eaves of houses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is underfloor heating?
It is a comfortable and efficient heating system that works with water at low temperature that flow through tubes installed under the pavement, or with electricity. The heat is distributed evenly by radiation, softly heating the full space and offering a warm feeling with a lower operating cost.
What is the difference between the water-heated and the electric underfloor heating?
To install a water-heated system it is usually needed a floor thickness of 5 centimeters at least. On the other hand, with an electric system 1,5 centimeters will be enough. This way we will not modify the floor level.

The electric underfloor heating systems can be applied directly in contact with the final pavement, which allows the desired temperature to be achieved in only 15 minutes with a proper thermal insulation, compared to the 5 hours that water-heated systems may take up to.

Electric radiant heating systems are installed separately in each room and are controlled individually with programmable thermostats, which allows a better control over the use of the system.

The electric radiant heating systems are easier and faster to install than any other system water-heated, thus reducing significantly the labour costs.

The consumption of  electric radiant heating is low because once the floor has reached the desired temperature, the thermostat switches off and it only consumes 50% of the energy the rest of the time. Furthermore, water-heating systems consume energy for a longer period because they have longer starting times.

Electric radiant heating systems do not have moving parts and they do not require any kind of maintenance.

What are the benefits of the Underfloor Heating?
It is healthier than other heating systems, since due to its low temperature operation no hot air currents that dry the environment or the nostrils are generated, avoiding as well the movement of dust and mites. Therefore, it is especially indicated in hospitals, nurseries, senior centers, etc. In addition, it is the only recommended system by the World Health Organization (OMS).

Besides being healthier, it is safe, clean, comfortable, invisible and reliable.

It has also a greater thermal inertia, lasting longer without energetic contribution.

This type of heating does not soil the walls and does not take up room space like other types of systems such as radiators, not interfering with the room decoration.

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